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Farewell to June

At the final days of June the students who completed the course are going to leave Petrozavodsk.
The parting was not long but fruitful and was carried out in a form of Russian language festival. A wonderful concert with songs, dances, drama and even puppet show - all in Russian language - was prepared by the students with the help of their teachers.


Vlado (Slovakia), Patrik and Nina (England) together with Alexander, a teacher and a musician, perform an acoustic version of one pretty famous Russian rock ballad. pic1




A few Russian songs- both folk and pop- sound perfectly being performed by a perfect vocal group. Canto: Ulrike (Germany), Antonia and Miriam (Swiss). Male part: Adrian, Yves (Swiss) and Ivan (Canada).

Pic 5Pic 4

The stage and the backstage of an impromptu puppet show: Vlado, Patrik and Nina as actors, directors and artists at one time.

Pic 6002 

Fancy-dress Russian songs and dance show made by South-Korean duet Sonnyon and Jiyun and by Miriam, Ulrike and Antonia with the assistance of the young men form different countries.

Pic 7 Pic 9

Only once and only here one can hear a new version of immortal "Katjusha", sung by English duet "David + David" (because two Davids are sining). And two Davids again! But now they perform a play on the base of Russian folk tale about Ivan Durak (Ivan the stupid one).

Pic 10 Pic2

 Yves and Adrian play Chekhov.

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