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"Culture and Cultural Traditions": Foreign Students Conference

At the end of this academic year the Foreign Students’ Conference has taken place in NEOU PetrSU. This event has given the chance to the students of different levels of Russian to show the language and communicative competence which they got during the course of studying. The topic «Culture and Cultural Traditions» assumed presentation of culture of the native land and has given to students many possibilities not only for the specification of the messages, but also for selection of illustrative material. The following reports have been included in the conference program:

• Silja Korkko, Finland “The Finnish Rock Music”
• Seonjoo Woo, South Korea “Traditional Korean Theatre”
• Hanna Samola, Finland “Ajno Callas - the Estonian Writer Who Writes on the Finnish Language”
• Michela Casali, Italy “Cultural Traditions of Romagna”
• Liisa Tervo, Finland “History and Culture of the Sami People”
• Thomas Rowley, the Great Britain “Culture of Sheffield”
• Susanna Heinonen, Finland “The Old City Rauma”
• Jiwang Jung, South Korea “Influence of the Buddhism on the Korean Culture”
• Kaisa Paukku, Finland “Ivanov Day in Finland”
• Elvira Oliva, Italy “Sign Language in the Italian Culture”
• Hannah Alberts, the USA “Tehano as a Cultural Phenomenon”
• Victor Johansson, Finland “Musical Festivals - Baltic Jazz and Faces”
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The Conference ended with the democratic voting on the Prize of Audience Liking. Frankly speaking, it was hard enough to make a choice!!! The Italian Elvira Oliva and the American Hannah Alberts won unquestionable liking of the audience and have been awarded with special prizes. Besides, all participants of the Conference have received collective gifts: the cowberry pie (2 kg. weight!!!) and the performance organized with forces of the teachers of Russian.
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