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2017 Alumni feedback

2017 calendar year has been finished. So, we decided to remember our international students who did their best in studying Russian language at the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU and their opinions about Russian language programme and Petrozavodsk in general.

Taehoe Jeong, Republic of Korea

Taehoe Jeong


Я думаю что мне очень повезло потому что я мог жить в таком красивом городе с хорошими и умными преподавателями. Только у меня было трудность из-за климата и погоды в Петрозаводске. Особенно русские студенты с которыми я познакомился в Петрозаводске. Они хорошие и добрые. Я буду скучать по этому городу. Спасибо вам большое.

Martin Bottner and Taika Lumi Bottner, Germany and Finland

Martin Bottner and Taika Lumi Bottner

The teachers were the best! We had individualized lessons tailored to our needs. We started from zero and are now at intermediate level thanks to them.

Isabella Woods, Great Btitain

Isabella Woods

I really enjoyed studying in Petrozavodsk and would recommend it to someone else.

Imogen Martin, Australia

Imogen  Martin

Everything is challenging, but with time and practice (and with the opportunity to practice Russian outside of class) gradually it becomes easier and more intuitive. Aspect I still find very challenging and of course cases are always difficult to put into practice when speaking Russian in conversation.

Svjetlana Maric, Switzerland

Svjetlana Maric

Petrozavodsk is a small but full with history. Due to its location, next to the lake, you can navigate yourself easily. I highly recommend to visit some museum, theatre and places which are close to Petrozavodsk (Valaam, Solovky, Kizhi etc.)

Helge Sverre Navik Ulvolden, Norway

Helge Sverre Navik Ulvolden

I was really happy with the program, and I honestly couldn’t ask for any better teachers. In the beginning I felt we focused on the grammar too much, but there are many options like switching groups or taking individual classes, to find something that suits you better.

Jens Aksel Takle, Norway

Jens Aksel Takle

I liked it a lot, I’ve learned a lot about the Russian/Karelian culture, through the family I was staying with and the city’s culture life.

Eng Tze Wee, Singapore

Eng Tze Wee

My teachers are great! Splendid and professional, I couldn’t ask for more. I learned a lot from them and they helped me very much in my learning. Now I can hold conversations to a certain extent with Russians. Definitely will appreciate more speaking practice.

Mariona Sero Vilaseca, Spain

Mariona Sero Vilaseca

I was in a host family and it was the best thing I could do. They took a lot care of me, they helped me when I asked something, they gave me lot of food and with them I assisted to a Russian wedding. I recommend a lot to live in a host family. My host mum was amazing!

Sara Colar, Croatia

Sara Colar

The staying in Petrozavodsk was useful and pleasant. I have improved my language skills a lot and I’m planning to visit Petrozavodsk again. Also, I will recommend the course to my friends!

Michel Jean Paul Villot, France

Michel Jean Paul Villot

Very good teachers. We practically never used the English language in class. They were very patient.

Pirinen Eija Irmeli, Finland

Pirinen  Eija Irmeli

My staying in Petrozavodsk was worth every ruble. From now on I will continue my
Russian studies with greater enthuziasm than ever.

Minchan Kang, Republic of Korea

Minchan Kang

It’s very good for me. I had fantastic experience in Petrozavodsk.

Emily Williams, Great Britain

Emily  Williams

I enjoyed the course. Each teacher had their own style and was happy to tailor the lessons to my wishes- I didn’t realize how much say I would have over what we did. When I wasn’t really sure, the teachers were happy to provide lessons based on what they thought I needed to improve on.

John Richardson, Australia

John  Richardson

I had a great time. I faced almost no problems and I think it’s a good place to study Russian. Hopefully I’ll be back at some point

Joeri Ronge, Belgium

Joeri Ronge

I really appreciated spending one month in Petrozavodsk, and if I should choose again, I will still enroll myself here for Russian lessons.

Jean-Jacque Marcel Gouy, France

Jean-Jacque Marcel Gouy

Tuition was perfect for me – little grammar and a lot of conversation. This is the reason why I came to Petrozavodsk.


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