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Movie day

Movie dayOn September 27, 2017, students and teachers of PetrSU Linguistic Centre went to the cinema to see the movie “Последний романтик” [The Last Romantic]. The film was chosen for a reason – Ivan Kulnev, movie director from Petrozavodsk, showed a simple love story that unfolds in the familiar places of Petrozavodsk. After watching the movie the students and teachers discussed it in an informal setting.

International students shared their impressions:

Emily, England:
Actually, I liked the movie “Последний романтик”. The story was a typical romance, but this movie was unusual because it was filmed in Petrozavodsk.
I liked that fact that I recognized some places. I understood the film well, even though I don’t speak Russian well, and that shows, I think, that the movie choice was great for us.

John, Australia:
On Wednesday we got the opportunity to move out of the classroom and have a real world Russian language experience. We went to the cinema to see the film 'последний романтик', made by a local director here in Petrozavodsk. The film was a "dramedy" about a small-town mechanic down on his luck whose life is unexpectedly entered by a young, lively woman. Everyone enjoyed the film and it was a good opportunity to be immersed in everyday conversational Russian. Importantly we all discussed the film and its themes over lunch afterwards, which was excellent practice in speaking Russian naturally, away from structured exercises.

Tze Wee, Singapore:
I think that "Последний Романтик" is quite an enjoyable film. It has nice cinematography like the lightings, settings (places in Russia) and tells a story. The humour is understandable even when sometimes i don't understand what the conversations are about. However, I think the film will be better if there is a "goal" or climax the protagonists needs to achieve.

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