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The Foreign Student Can Always Get Help from the Fellow Students

1Manisha Azizullah, whose name in Farsi means “benevolent”, “noble”, is a student of the Institute of Medicine. She has come to PetrSU from Afghanistan to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.
“I have wanted to become a doctor since I was a little girl. When I visited doctors in hospitals, I always watched closely what they did, how they treated their patients. And so I wanted to help people. I am to be the first member of my family to receive medical education,” told Manisha. She was the first among her classmates too, as she is the only graduate to study in Russia. “My parents were happy. Now my all family is proud of me,” noted the student.
“For the first year when I have been studying on the Russian language courses in Tula State Lev Tolstoy University, I used to cry a lot and often asked myself “Why have I come here?” I mean I didn’t speak the language, I didn’t know anyone here, and there was no one who could help me.
“But eventually it turned for the better, I’ve made new friends, I’ve started speaking Russian. I really got the boost in confidence when I received “Excellent” for my final exam in the Russian language. Studying here is just as hard, but now I understand that I do it for myself, not for anyone else!” shared her feelings Manisha.
She can always lean on her fellow students. “They help me wholeheartedly, as if it’s how it’s meant to be,” noted the girl.
In the future the student is planning to specialize in pediatrics. She explains her choice simply: “I love children and wish to help them, treat them.” Manisha had a chance to try herself and her way with children during her practical training at one of the hospitals of Petrozavodsk.
“There was a little patient who kept staring at me. I thought that he needed something and approached him to learn what, and he started telling me about his favorite toy that he had left at home and missed a lot,” remembers the student. She managed to connect with the patients while she measured their pressure and sugar level.
Manisha thinks that a doctor should be patient, friendly, and attentive to the patients and their medical records, and have a high degree of competence and knowledge.

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