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An Insight into Japanese Traditions

Petrozavodsk State University fully deserves its repute as an international university. For many years PetrSU has been among the leading universities in the field of international activity.
At PetrSU students from different countries study for their degree, enroll into the Russian language courses and pursue practical training. Foreign students not only wish to learn something new, but they are also eager to share their knowledge and tell about their country. For instance, the students of Sofia University (Japan), who study at the Faculty of Philology, told us that on March, 3 people in Japan celebrate Girls’ Day that is called Hinamatsuri (also called Doll’s Day) or Momo no Sekku (Peach Blossom Festival).
Initially, the holiday was celebrated at court and among the military class, but soon it was adopted by common people too. In the 18th century Doll’s Day became a national holiday. At that time a new tradition was born. The houses, where there were girls, were now decorated with platforms displaying ornamental dolls that represented the life and the customs of the Imperial Court. This tradition is still being preserved.
“On this day my parents will decorate the room with hina ningyo dolls and eat hina arare (sweet rice crackers of pink, blue and green colors). These crackers are delicious. I like this holiday because it’s beautiful and sweet,” said the student of Sofia University Mizoguchi Riina.
“This day girls wear elegant kimonos, pay visits, give and receive presents, treat themselves to sweets and admire the dolls. Here we don’t have an opportunity to observe this tradition, so we will just congratulate each other and try to make this day special in a way,” told us Mizuki Nakajima.

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