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They Want to Help People

From the first of September, six students from Zambia, a country in southern Africa, study at the Institute of Medicine of PetrSU. The young people have come to PetrSU to study within the quota established by the Government of the Russian Federation for foreign students.
Stanslous Kabamba is confident that having received pharmaceutical education he will produce drugs for preservation and promotion of health.
Hensiria Mwale likes chemistry, so she too has decided to become a pharmacist. Besides, this way she will carry on the family tradition, as her mother was a doctor.
Harrison Mainza delights in children playing and their out-of-the-box thinking, so he wants to dedicate his life to them and become a pediatrician.
But what unites them all is the wish to help people. “We are sure that these are much needed and important professions,” said the students. “We know that the studies will be difficult but we will work hard as we want to graduate with honours. We will help each other and of course we hope that our fellow students and teachers will support us.”
Alongside learning the intricacies of medicine and medical treatment, the Zambians will continue studying the Russian language. Stanslous and Hensiria started learning Russian six months ago in Saint-Petersburg, and Harrison took his Russian language course in Moscow.
In their opinion the “great and mighty” is a very difficult language. “When I’ve first heard how it sounds I considered dropping the classes, because I couldn’t understand a word. But now that I can, it sounds beautiful to me,” remembers Harrison. Hensiria is still amazed by how quickly the Russians speak. “I want to know how you do it and I wish to learn that,” said the girl.
The foreign students hope that they will have free time in their tight study schedule. Harrison would like to spend his free time playing basketball and join PetrSU team, or rehearse with one of the dance groups of the university. Hensiria will learn to cook the Russian food, while Stanslous will carry on writing and performing rap music.
Stanslous, Hensiria and Harrison are still at the beginning of their way in medicine, but even now they know for sure that upon graduation from Petrozavodsk University, they will go back to their homeland to work for the good of their people.

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