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Eventful September

The first month of the autumn is always a busy period of studies. Nevertheless, there was so much to do and to see after the lessons for our students this September.
Most of the newcomers got acquainted with each other at the Welcoming Meeting for our international students. The students from Belgium, France, Japan, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Zambia, Sudan, and Afghanistan exchanged their experience of studying and living in Russia, discussed different issues and played games. The first meeting is one more step to building international students’ community at the university, the start to international friendship at PetrSU.
In the framework of the European Mobility Week 2015, PetrSU international students together with their Russian friends participated in the VeloDay. It was the time for the active people of the town to spend their day riding bicycles, visit the festival “Open Streets”, take part in the Bike Parade along the central streets of Petrozavodsk and just have fun.
Those who enjoy cinema and music watched the Soviet silent comedy “Bed and Sofa” with a live soundtrack. The show was presented by Tromsø International Film Festival. The week before the premiere two Norwegian and two Russian musicians had worked day and night composing and rehearsing the score for the film. Ola Asdahl Rokkones (saxophone), Andrei Kondakov (piano), Jakop Janssønn (drums) and Vladimir Volkov (double bass) performed the jazz influenced soundtrack live as the film was screened. Each show was unique, with a real time interplay between the musicians playing, the film on the screen and the audience.
It was, actually, the month of music lovers, especially jazz lovers. They visited the concerts of PetrSU group “Jeans-Kantele” and the jazz-band from the UK “Whiskey Moon Face”. Much music and pleasure was received in this warm September.
And the sports fans enjoyed the football match between the management of PetrSU and the Government of the Republic of Karelia. Those, who were not lazy to get up early at the weekend could share the university ethos of sport and enjoy one of the last warm autumn days.

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