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About France in the French Language

13In the framework of the 67th All-Russian (with international participation) Academic Conference of the Students and Young Scholars of PetrSU the students presented their research on the outstanding achievements of France in various spheres of economy and industry at the section of the French language “Ces Industries où la France Excelle”. A total of 11 reports were presented, prepares by the Bachelor and Master students of International Relations and the Master students of Law.
The section leaders were Vladislav Fedorov, a 2nd year student of international relations, and Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Cand. of Sciences, associate professor of the Institute of Foreign Languages of PetrSU. The jury was headed by Natalia Padchina, head of the Department of Academic Mobility of the Directorate for International Cooperation of Petrozavodsk State University and William Akuffo-Addo, a PetrSU medical student from Ghana. The jury also included Alexander Efimov and Oleg Shaltaev, 2nd year students of international relations.
The conference participants made many interesting discoveries while listening to the reports of the young researchers. The French aviation industry is the country’s largest exporter. The French companies producing aircraft and equipment for them have long earned themselves an excellent reputation. In Blagnac, near Toulouse, there are three plants producing bows of Airbus A380. The factory belongs to the Aerolia group of companies– a French aircraft giant ranked the second in the world to develop and produce bows of the aircraft. Safran, its parent company, is one of the market leaders in the aerospace industry, air defenses and security systems, and is a major global supplier of landing gear, wheels and carbon brakes, as well as control panels for helicopters. This was what the students and guests learned from the report by Maxim Baslyk.
France possesses significant scientific advances in various fields: physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and the humanities. The heart of the French science is the National Center for Scientific Research, which was elaborated on by Ekaterina Cheglukova.
In his report, Ilya Popov talked about France being the second largest producer of video games in the world. The country has prestigious schools for training in the sector of the video games that have received recognition abroad for the quality of education, such as the Angouleme National School of video games and interactive media or Goble School of Visual Arts.
France is proud of its success in the field of animated films, as told by Maria Petrilyaynen. The International Animated Film Festival in Annecy is a trendsetter in the field of animation. Every year, dozens of French cartoons make honorary festival trips, collecting prizes in various countries around the world. As a result, international festivals have an increasingly pronounced French accent and there are more titles from France than from the host country.
Bright and very expressive were the performances and presentations on high fashion (report by Marina Kosotina), jewelry houses of France (report by Anastasia Aksenova) and fashion houses specializing in the manufacture of luxury luggage and handbags, clothing and accessories such as Hermès, Lancel, Longchamp et Louis Vuitton (report by Anastasia Serysheva, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Law).
Anna Galstyan and Veronica Levkina talked of the Cosmetic Valley (by analogy with the "Silicon Valley" in the United States), founded in 1994 by Jean-Paul Guerlain in the region of Al-et-Loire, located today in the three regions and seven departments of France. The country holds a leading position in the global market for the production of cosmetic products, despite stiff competition from the US and Japan.
Interesting and surprising was a report on the French gastronomy by Yen Pham. It turned out that whereas Paris is the capital of France’s and the world’s fashion, the culinary capital of the country is located in Lyon. The famous French kitchen was included in the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In 2015, there appeared the festival "A Taste of France» («Goût de / Good France»), organized at the initiative of the great French chef Alain Ducasse, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On March 19, 2015 in honor of the French cuisine, restaurants and embassies of 150 countries on five continents invited 1,500 dinners to demonstrate live, open and modern trends of the French cuisine, true to its tradition: elegance, savoring the process of eating together, health care and the environment.
Finally, great attention was received by a report by Olga Demidova on tourism, an important aspect of the French economy. France has the title of the first tourist destination in the world. The student talked about the most visited cities in the country, the most popular tourist attractions, the most popular tourist forms of recreation.
The jury noted the fluency of students while delivering reports in French, the high quality of presentations made using the latest software, developed public speaking skills, and enthusiasm while selecting topics for research.
The jury recognized Anastasia Aksenova, Ekaterina Cheglukova, Maxim Baslyk as the winners. Traditionally, 2nd year students of international relations presented their Audience Award. They unanimously chose the work by Marina Kosotina, 3rd year Bachelor in international relations, on the topic of «La Haute Couture, la Vitrine du Savoir-Faire Français».
Everyone mentioned that it was encouraging that the students studying French as a second language for a mere 14 months were able to conduct research and prepare high-quality and expressive speeches in French. And thanks to the conference the native-speakers from other fields of study could evaluate the level of the foreign language knowledge of their university friends.

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