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He Speaks Russian without an Accent

1PetrSU has won recognition from foreign students long ago. They choose our university and come here to study on exchanges programs and language courses and to receive higher education. In the classrooms and in the library, there are students from the Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, Japan, Germany, Columbia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Finland, Kirgizstan, Jordan, China, Norway, Syria, Ghana, Italy, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, India, Yemen, the United Kingdom. Besides, there are some foreigners who live and study in Russia nearly from their childhood but are still the citizens of other countries, for example, Fam Kuok Than.
Young man was born and raised in Karelia. His family moved here in 1989 in search of work. Here he went to kindergarten and graduated from school. Now he is studying at the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism for specialty “Service”. In the future, Than plans to work in the sphere of hospitality. He believes that it is a promising direction. “I’d like to work in Vietnam but with the Russian tourists. How it will work out, time will tell”, – says the student.
Knowledge of Vietnamese will certainly help Than to be in demand in his ancestral lands. His parents taught him the language. “Now I’m not keeping in touch with other Vietnamese, I only talk to my parents at home. My Vietnamese is slowly deteriorating as I don’t have enough practice. Sometimes I watch Vietnamese war movies or TV shows. Also, thanks to Skype and telephone I can talk to my relatives”, – says the young man.
He had an opportunity to practice language during his trips to Vietnam. “I’ve been there twice with my parents. I barely remember my first time in Vietnam as I was small. The other time I was older and I enjoyed it very much. I was surprised that I was taken for a foreigner. People would good-naturedly make fun of my broken Vietnamese (you can’t say the same about his Russian, though). The young man speaks Russian without an accent and it often comes as a surprise for those who take him for a foreigner. Than believes that knowing languages is very important in the modern world. “Now language is a way to get immediate knowledge of foreign literature, culture, technological advances, and of course language is an instrument of intercultural communication”.
In April Than, together with the student of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Veronika Bashmakova, organized the event “Automat of Happiness”. The idea came to him during the work of the School of Active of the Student’s Union. Anyone could share their thoughts on happiness and wished others joy. Happiness means many things to many people. For Than happiness is success and good spirits of his friends and family. As we approach the end-of-year exams it will be a great joy for the students to pass successfully all the exams. We wish Than and all the students of PetrSU only “good” and “excellent” marks!

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