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Debates in English Took Place at PetrSU

PetrSU debatesPetrSU Debate Club held another British Parliamentary style debate. This time it was held in the English language as our foreign students from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Ghana also took part in the debates.
Global form of parliamentary debates is adopted from the British Parliament. Essentially, it is a regulated dispute between the government and the opposition. One side introduces a motion for discussion and defends it, while the other side tries to prove inconsistency of this proposal. Roles of participants of the debates are designated by drawing. The participants take on the roles of the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Deputy Opposition Leader, the Member of the Government, the Opposition Member, the Secretary of the Government, and the Secretary of the Opposition. Each role is different in the way of presenting new arguments and countering the opponents’ arguments, which adds competition to the debates.
The topic for discussion was THW (This House Will) ban educational and work migration during financial crisis. This motion caused a lively argument among the participants of the debates. Will the competition between migrants and local citizens promote economic development in the times of the crisis? How do we perceive migrants? Is it fair to ensure the freedom of movement and labor without any restrictions? Or is it more reasonable to ban migration to protect the local people and the migrants themselves from the hardships of migration in difficult economic times? These and other questions were answered by the debate participants, both new and experienced, and the members of the Debate Club of PetrSU – the students and the graduates of PetrSU.

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