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A Guest from Colombia Visits International Relations Students English Lecture

Quite a considerable number of foreign exchange students visit Petrozavodsk State University every year. The Russian language is quite popular abroad, as a result, there are always people who would like to study it. It is wonderful that foreign students are always welcome at PetrSU!
We, international relations students, are lucky that many of those foreigners become participants in our studies. This new term a Colombian citizen became our guest!
As a matter of fact, people from Latin America are quite rare guests to our city, yet the same cannot be said for representatives from Great Britain, United States, France and former Soviet republics. Citizens of Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and other countries of the Old World also occasionally pay a visit, but Jason Campus became the first Colombian to visit us, at least within my recollection.
Jason Campus has recently arrived in Petrozavodsk to study the Russian language at our university. Thanks to our English and French languages lecturer, candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor at the Foreign Languages Institute Ekaterina Gennadievna Vasilieva, Jason found himself in one of International Relations students’ classes; that is how we got an opportunity to meet him.
At first, without knowing his nationality, we right away realized that English was not his mother tongue, since his Spanish accent was rather obvious. A guess that he is of Spanish origin came to our minds first, as, in addition, Jason resembled Spanish football player Santi Cazorla. To everyone’s surprise, the man was from Colombia! It is significant to note that our guest is proficient in English; he discussed a lot of issues with us.
Jason told us about his long way to Russia in transit through Spain and Turkey, the mentality of Colombian people, traditions and customs of his country. It turned out that our guest dances salsa and his favourite fruit is the passion fruit. Naturally, we discussed politics. It goes without saying that we touched upon football, since Colombian national team are in their prime now, ranking third in the FIFA World Ranking. Unfortunately, Russians know far more about Colombian football than Colombians know about the Russian one.
In that way, two-hour meeting with Jason turned into a friendly chat. However, we didn’t manage to speak Russian since yet Jason knows only conventional words like “hello” and “thank you”, which doesn’t seem surprising, given that he has been in Russia only for a week. However, he made up for his poor Russian with a presentation in Spanish language, and anyone may agree that it is a rare opportunity to meet a native speaker of Spanish in our city. Anyway, a meeting with a foreigner is a great opportunity to practice your language skills in informal settings, which I consider pretty useful and that is why I wish we could meet with more foreign guests in our university.
Thank you for this exciting meeting with Jason Campus!

Oleg Shaltaev,
2nd year Bachelor of International Relations

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