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A Student and a Teacher from Norway

EinarOne of the most effective ways of learning a foreign language is communication with the native speakers. The students of the Faculty of Philology have one more opportunity to do it. In the second semester this year Einar Moe is teaching them Norwegian.
“This will be an interesting experience for me. I am a little nervous because I’m not a teacher by education. What calms me down is that this will be a course for beginners and my mother helped me to prepare for the lessons. She is a teacher and she explained to me how to frame a lecture, what to say during it.” – says Einar.
He lives in Tromso. He graduated from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Tromso University. He can speak English, German, Swedish and Danish. Because of Russian (to study it to be more precise) he came to our university.
“There are many Russians in my city who study there. The knowledge of Russian makes communication easier and it also can be useful for the future job. I would like to become a border guard or a customs officer.” – says Einar.
According to him, Russian is a hard language for Norwegians, that is why he had some troubles learning it but now everything is fine. “I read the text several times, underline the unknown words, then write them down and try to make up sentences with them. I think this is a good way to memorize new words and to broaden the vocabulary.” – shared Einar his key to success.
Communication with friends, reading newspaper articles, which are much easier for Einar to comprehend than the works of Russian literature, are also of a great help. Despite this Einar gets acquainted with the Russian literature step by step: reads the books by the Russian authors, however in English so far.
There are many unusual and unclear things for the foreigners that Einar will see, hear and discover during his stay in our country. He will go back home only in May and now he hopes to visit Moscow, Sevastopol and Vladivostok. He also plans to go fishing. “Every Norwegian goes fishing since childhood. Fishing is our national tradition. The biggest fish I’ve ever caught was 15 kg, it was cod. Maybe here I will manage to catch something bigger.” – says Einar.
Let’s wish him to execute all his plans and also diligent Russian students who will make him happy with their success in learning Norwegian!

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