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To Study Russian is to Challenge Oneself (Mohammed)

MohammedPetrozavodsk State University welcomes foreign students from many countries of the world. Among them is Al-Nahdi Mohammed Res Farag who came to our university from Saudi Arabia and took a Master’s course at the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences. In two years he will get his Master degree.
A citizen of Yemen, Mohammed was born and grew up in Saudi Arabia. There he graduated from economic faculty and got a degree in management. But he didn’t want to stop with what he had achieved and decided to continue his studies and get a Master’s degree studying Russian. “I wanted to study the language that not so many people in my country know”, - this is how he explains his interest in the language of Pushkin and Dostoyevsky.
From his relatives who had been studying at medical universities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg during the Soviet time, he got to know that one can get highly qualified education in Russia which is recognized abroad. He only had to choose university. “I applied to some universities and the staff of PetrSU was the quickest to answer. Besides there was detailed information on the page of the Directorate for International Cooperation which helped me to understand what my studies and life here would be like”, - remembers Mohammed. When he got here he saw that he made the right decision because PetrSU is one of the top universities in the field of international cooperation.
“Having lived here for almost six months I saw that Russians are friendly and tolerant people who are interested in the history and culture of my people and country. This makes me happy”, - says Mohammed.
“Petrozavodsk is a little calm city and it is very good for studying. There you can get everything for the life and studies, - he says. – Besides I got an opportunity to get acquainted with wonderful country, its rich and interesting history and numerous sights…”
During his two years of studies Mohammed plans to visit Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad, the Crimea and Kazan. In remembrance of Russia he wants to take Matryoshka doll, greatcoat and an ear-flapped hat home.
The knowledge of Russian which he started to study only a year ago will be of a great help to Mohammed during his future trips. “It was hard to get if it was «ш» or «и» when it was written in cursive. The grammar is very challenging. To study Russian is like a challenge to me”, - he says.
In his research he will study the reasons of two world powers confrontation – Russia and the USA and will try to understand why other countries take one or another side.
After the graduation Mohammed plans to continue his education, get a doctoral degree and become a professor.

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