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“You should Respect the Traditions of the Country You Live in” (Ennio)

Ennio“To study Russian is much more challenging than to study English, Spanish or Portuguese, but it is essential, because the success of my business in Russia depends on it”, - says Ennio Bolzonello who came to our city from Venice.
“Russian clients don’t speak English that well and this causes problems to me. Of course I can hire an interpreter but according to my experience the contacts are strong only when you speak the same language as your client does. It makes relationship more reliable”, - suggests Ennio. He is sure that the knowledge of Russian will help him to develop his business not only in our country but also in ex-USSR countries.
His acquaintance with Russian took place in Italy when he bought a textbook and managed the alphabet and some simple words and greetings himself. Ennio started practicing his skills and broadening his vocabulary when he communicated with his Russian clients and friends. His thorough learning of Russian began at Russian as a foreign language courses at PetrSU.
He is absolutely not confused that he doesn’t fit the “student” category. “I enjoy learning. I don’t see any problem with my being a student again because I look young and my memory doesn’t let me down”, - answers Ennio jokingly.
He is not afraid not only of the challenges of Russian but also of the weather conditions. “The Karelian weather is a problem, but today it’s here and tomorrow it’s gone”, - says Ennio philosophically. He shared that he loves the snow: “Every time when I see it’s snowing I’m full of happiness and joy as if I’m in my childhood time. This is when I fell in love with snow which seemed so unusual, magical and fleeting to me because in my country there isn’t so much snow as here and when it falls down it melts very quickly”.
The only thing that makes Ennio sad is the absence of true pasta and pizza which however can be compensated with solyanka and borshsch which he enjoys very much. He usually cooks soups and other dishes by himself and visits cafes quite seldom because he thinks that the cooks put too much butter in the dishes and cover it all with too much dill which, in his opinion, kills the smell of food completely. He supposes that this plant is a part of Russian national cuisine so he must respect this and other traditions of the country he is currently living in.
He admits that he feels at home in Karelia and he considers an opportunity of moving here as a good one. He likes the geographic location of our republic: the “Venice of the North” is located from one side in a couple hours by car, from the other side we have Finland.
Ennio is sure that the more international students come to Russia the more positive effect it will have on international cooperation. “Students are like fresh air, thanks to them there is an opportunity to share something positive. We have kept the distance for far too long and now it’s time to move closer,” – thinks Ennio.

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