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Learning more about Karelia

The watching of the film “Karelia. A Bird’s Eye View” took place in the Foreign Languages Literature Section of PetrSU Scientific Library. Such an event was aimed at the international students and had a goal of their acquaintance with the history of the Republic of Karelia and its capital – the wonderful Petrozavodsk city. The students from the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan were active guests at the meeting.
At the beginning Tatiana Anisimova, the head of the Foreign Languages Literature Section of PetrSU Scientific Library, had a little discussion with the students. She told them about the flag and the coat of arms of our city and the republic and showed Karelia on the map of Europe. The students in their turn told about the peculiarities of the heraldic symbols of their countries and cities.
Before watching the film the students shared their impressions of Karelia. They expected severe cold and bears to meet them in Petrozavodsk. But it turned out that the only bear they saw is the bear on Petrozavodsk coat of arms. It was a pleasant thing that the students wanted to watch the movie in Russian which means that they are really interested not only in reaching a high level in studying Russian but also in studying culture and history of our region. After watching the film Tatiana offered the students a quiz where they had to fill in the sentences with missing words and phrases. The students managed this task with a great enthusiasm.
The atmosphere of the meeting was warm, emotional and exciting. The students enjoyed the time spent together and learnt more about not only Karelia, but the other parts of the world, too.

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