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The Russian Language as a Step to the Diplomatic Career (Mikulas)

MikulasBillboards, leaflets, café menus, shop signs, newspaper and the Internet articles, music – all these things are additional “manual” of studying Russian for Mikulas Zvara.
He is 18 years old. He was born and grew up in Bratislava which is the capital of Slovakia. He has come to PetrSU to take the course of Russian as a foreign language which he has been already studying for a year. “I enjoy studying here more than studying back home because here I’m always surrounded by the native speakers, I hear them speaking, can practice my language skills”, - says the student. Mikulas admits that he studies Russian with a great joy and the reason for it is Russian’s tunefulness and its consonance with Slovakian.
When he speaks by the phone or texts his relatives he sometimes uses Russian without any fear that they won’t understand him because his grandparents and parents know “the great and the mighty language”. They studied Russian at school. The student himself knows about the events of 1917, the politics of the Eastern block from his school history course, from literature – thanks to the works by Dostoyevsky, Lermontov, Bulgakov. News blocks formed his opinion about the modern politics, sports and cultural life of our country.
From Mass Media Mikulas knows that our president does judo. Mikulas is very proud that he also has been doing judo for already 8 years. “Judo made me persistent and goal-oriented. It helps me with studying Russian. Sometimes I have difficulties with reading and stressing the words, but I repeat them many times to memorize the right pronunciation”, - says Mikulas.
He has some difficulties not only with studying the tricks of Russian but also with living and orienting in a foreign city. These difficulties were much easier to manage. “I live in the dormitory with the Russian students. They are very friendly and always ready to help. For example, they helped me to create a bank account, to connect to the Internet, they showed me the city. If something bad happens I know who I can ask for help. That’s why I feel confident here”, - shares Mikulas.
He says that it is also comfortable to communicate with the students of PetrSU because they speak English well. “I think it is useful for both me and them because each of us practices the language he is interested in”, - specifies Mikulas.
After taking the courses Mikulas plans to pass the exams on the Russian language in the Centre of testing Russian as a foreign language of PetrSU and then he wants to enter the Faculty of International Relations at MSUFA. He is sure that the knowledge of five languages (Slovakian, Czech, English, German, and Russian) and also passion for history and politics will help him in his future studies and diplomatic career which Mikulas wants to dedicate himself to.
Let’s wish him good luck and realization of all his plans!

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