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Freshmens Day

2This new academic year Petrozavodsk State University welcomes first-year students from Karelian and other Russian cities and towns as well as a great amount of foreign students who started their studies at nearly every faculty and institute of the University. They all had an opportunity to meet each other during the annual Freshmen’s Day held at PetrSU.
A few of the international students came from Greece, Austria and Norway to study at the Russian Language courses to improve their skills in grammar and speech.
Over 50 students from Jordan are expected to come in November to study at the Pre-Foundation Russian Language Program at PetrSU. After a one-year program they will be able to pass exams in Russian and enter the faculties of the Russian universities next year.
Thanks to the bilateral agreements between PetrSU and the University of Eastern Finland, Masaryk University, the University of Suwon, the International University of Central Asia, Namangan Engineering Pedagogical Institute and the Institute Superieur de Traduction et Interpretation (ISTI) 14 exchange students arrived this September for a semester or two to study at the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Forestry, Engineering and Construction Sciences, and at the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences of PetrSU. In return, the students of PetrSU are studying at the moment in the partner universities.
Over 20 foreign students from Finland, Ukraine, Tadzhikistan, Czech Republic, Moldova, China, Spain, Tunisia, Estonia, South Ossetia, Georgia, Lithuania and Iran were directed by the RF Ministry of Education to study medicine, law, political and social sciences at PetrSU.
Over 15 students from India, Ghana, Sudan, Jordan and Kazakhstan have already come and more are expected to arrive later to apply for the specialist degree and study at the Faculty of Medicine of PetrSU.
New knowledge, life experience, friends and impressions are waiting for our new students! And we would like to wish them to be patient and hardworking during their studies, to be open and curious to everything new! Good luck!

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