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PetrSU International Students (Alicja)

AlicjaThe Russian Language Summer University organized at PetrSU offers its participants a chance to study the Russian language, get acquainted with the Russian culture and history, and see the wooden architecture masterpieces and beautiful landscapes with their own eyes.
This summer students from Greece, Turkey, Great Britain, the USA, Finland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Check Republic, Iran, the Netherlands and Serbia have become its participants. Alicja Kielczewska is among them.
Alicja was born in Poland but she has been living in the US for several years now. The girl studies at Haverford Liberal Arts College (Pennsylvania), majoring in international relations. In the future Alicja wants to find a job in this field of work where the knowledge of the foreign languages will be very useful. Now she speaks Polish, English and Spanish. Alicja came to PetrSU to get to the advanced level of Russian.
She decided to go to our university for a number of reasons: “I wrote to several universities, which had summer language schools. When corresponding with universities I paid attention to several things, for instance, how fast I got a reply, how detailed the information concerning the course academic content was, the opportunities of leisure activities and cultural program. I liked the thing that the Directorate for International Cooperation staff was polite and precise when giving me the information about the Summer University. And on the Summer University site I managed to read comments of the previous participants and find some additional information.” Besides the advantage of Petrozavodsk over Moscow and St. Petersburg is that there are not so many foreigners and there are more opportunities for language practice with the native speakers.
Alicja started studying Russian because she wants to understand her Russian friends and speak the same language with them. Besides, after graduating, the girl plans to come back to our country to take part in the Russian and American program “The Russian Flagship”, the main goal of which is to upgrade the skills and gain new experience in their majors. But one should know the Russian language very well. “I also learn Russian to read “Anna Karenina” in the original” – says Alicja. When she came to Russia she bought Leo Tolstoy’s and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s books. “I think I will be able to read them in 3-4 years when my Russian is at the good level. I won’t understand them now. Of course, I can read them in translation, but I think it is better to read them in the original as only by doing this one can get the author’s message” – thinks Alicja.
Before coming to Russia, the student knew that people here are kind, grateful and sympathetic and they put other people interests above their own. These are Alicja’s mother memories of the Russian people which she got when she was traveling over our country. “She also told me that Russian women have good style. And I made sure of that! I even wanted to renew my wardrobe despite of the fact that I brought my best clothes with me.” – confesses Alicja.
Alicja have also made sure that the Russian food is really tasty. “For the first time I tried Russian cuisine in one of cafes in New-York. I didn’t like it, so I thought I won’t be able to eat anything here, but I was wrong.” She has already tried various salads, soups, porridges and bakery and she liked it all especially shchi soup which Alicja wants to learn to cook.
Alicja will take not only the recipes of Russian dishes back home but as well a picture with the image of the Karelian nature, which she likes so much.

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