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Visit to a Fairy Tale

Visit to a Fairy TaleThe foreign students who are learning the Russian language at PetrSU are always glad to get acquainted with the Russian culture. They get acquainted with it not only in the classrooms but in museums as well.
A lesson devoted to the Russian folklore characters took place in Tatyana Kalinina’s Culture House. The students from England, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France and South Korea learnt a lot of interesting and unusual things about old beliefs of the Russian people. The students even managed to recognize some of the characters by their peculiarities, as they had already read some Russian fairytales during their classes.
It even turned out that almost the whole group was acquainted with the works of the Russian writers and poets of the Romantic Movement, where the mermaids and the forest and home spirits live, and “there, in a mortar, onward sweeping All of itself, beneath the skies The wicked Baba-Yaga flies” (Alexander Pushkin). By the way, Baba-Yaga sparked the students’ special attention. A heated discussion devoted to this character, its functions as well as its analogies and differences in the Western European folklore and literature occurred by the big doll portraying Baba-Yaga wearing specific clothes. As for the differences, for instance, in South Korea an elderly woman can’t be wicked and bad even in a fairytale, so usually a tiger represents the bad instead.
When the lesson was over the students admitted that folklore turned out to be one of the most interesting part of the Russian culture for them and they were glad they managed to get to know it better.

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