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European Night of Museums

The Xth “European Night of Museums” took place in Petrozavodsk on the night of the 17th-18th of May, 2014. Not less than seven cultural venues of Petrozavodsk presented to citizens unforgettable emotions and experience from 15.00 till 01.00. This event turned night city into hectic cultural life center.
Let us recall that “European Night of Museums” is an annual event dedicated to the International Museum Day, which is celebrated on May, 18. This is an international event and it is held in many countries of Europe. Thousands of museums “keep awake” once a year with their doors open for everyone in unusual time of day.
Record number of museums and cultural venues take part in the anniversary event. The Night of Museums started at 18 o’clock and ended at half past one. Petrozavodsk citizens could choose from various interactive excursions and workshops.
The international students were invited to attend the Night of Museums. They went to a fashion parade in prerevolutionary costumes and demonstration of bell-ringing – all these events are traditionally presented by the Open-Air Museum “Kizhi” on two venues. This night a bell that have been custom-moulded for the 300-year anniversary of the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour in the Kizhi Island and recently delivered to Petrozavodsk, rang for the first time.
Then they went to a dance master class which was in the Old town. It was an exciting event and Petrozavodsk was crowded with people who wanted to become a part of cultural life.

European Night of Museums European Night of Museums European Night of Museums European Night of Museums
European Night of Museums European Night of Museums European Night of Museums European Night of Museums


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