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PetrSU International Students (Yannis)

YannisYannis Rammos was born and grew up on the world-known Greek island Crete. National tuneful melodies together with the sounds of nature such as the babblement of birds, plash of waves and chirm of cicadas promoted the development of his creativity. The young man cast in lot with music, when he decided to become a pianist. Since the end of February he has been attending the courses of Russian as a foreign language at PetrSU which allow him to learn the basics of colloquial Russian.
As the young man puts it his interest to our language arose gradually. “I used to spend almost every weekend in St. Petersburg when I lived in Finland. At first, it were the trips connected with educational process (Yannis is the student of Helsinki Conservatory) then I started visiting my friends. After several trips I caught myself on a thought that I keep thinking of this city and of Russia. Gradually, all my knowledge of your country began to develop in a uniform picture. But I need to know language to understand Russia better. But what a difficult task it is!” – told Yannis.
One of the most difficult things for him in the Russian language is word stress. He doesn’t know how to put it correctly. “It’s a pity that you don’t put stress in each word as we do in Greek.” – says Yannis smiling. One more difficulty for the foreigner is pronunciation of the sounds "sh", "ch", "y", and "c" which, as we know, aren't presented in Greek.
The young man with interest tries to understand not only the tricks of Russian, but also to get acquainted with our city and its historical places. He likes walking along the embankment and the Governor's Park, visits to the Museum of Local Lore and its expositions. All these things are new impressions and good practice of language.
There are plenty of interesting things ahead (excursion to the Kivach waterfalls, the island of Kizhi, Kinerma village and meeting with new people) which will allow him to learn our country, its culture, traditions and also national cuisine. The taste of some dishes and products already doesn't leave him indifferent. “Oladji, kefir, fermented baked milk, quark, syrniki (quark pancakes), cutlets and solyanka are delicious! There are no such dishes and products in Greece!” – shared Yannis.
Yannis planned to stay in Petrozavodsk for a couple of months, but remained here for a longer term. The reason for that is his thesis. "It is very productive time for me. The city is small, compact and silent. Its quiet atmosphere disposes to creativity and scientific work. This is a very good place for concentration, I work here easily." — the Greek admits.
We wish Yannis inspiration, both for successful writing of his thesis, and for creation of musical compositions which, perhaps, will sound one day in Crete. And the melodies filled with the Karelian motives will spread over the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


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