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Petrozavodsk and Russia through the Eyes of the International Student

DanielDaniel Becker, the student of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Göttingen (Germany), explains his interest in the Russian politics: "Russia is one of the leading world powers, so I'm curious to compare how the ongoing here events are reflected in the Russian and Western media". Among the Russian politicians Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who, according to the student, "gives the impression of a concentrated, inspiring, calm and confident person" appeals to Daniel. From the autumn semester Daniel was studying on the exchange program at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of our university. He sought to come to Russia not only to study, but also to dispel stereotypes about our country.
"In Germany, people believe that it is cold here, there are only old cars and bad roads and all the girls and women wear high heels, and people are very closed. I found confirmation for some things, but not for everything. For example, now I am convinced that the Russians are hospitable, friendly and ready to help. Although at first they keep their distance"- shared Daniel his ideas with us. The foreigner got convinced of the latter when he just arrived to our country. The young man missed the train and had to spend a night at the railway station, where according to him the police strictly kept order. When they came up to Daniel, they realized that he was a foreigner and he didn’t know the Russian language, so they took him to the retiring room, where he could spend the night.
The young man didn’t feel any difficulties in the lack of the Russian language knowledge. He is sure that it is always possible to explain oneself with the help of gestures. At first he even found it cute and funny.
But there were things that puzzled Daniel, for example: "Why almost every dish is liberally seasoned with dill?" And "Why if a person wants to get into the apartment he or she has to open so many doors?" (Daniel himself had four (!) keys).
He was surprised that the Russians were eager to talk to him in English. "I think it comes from the fact that they are trying to make an impression, as well as to have practice. Sometimes it is quite ridiculous and funny. It’s a mixture of Russian and English from me and from them"- said Daniel.
During his 6-month life in Russia the young man gained not only questions, but also eating habits and favorite music. "I really enjoy the Russian food. It is very nourishing. My favorite dish is buckwheat with Kiev’s burger, and I prefer sweet porridge for breakfast. I also have a favorite song - "My Friend" by Konstantin Nikolsky. I heard it for the first time in a taxi on my way home from the party. At that moment it seemed so relaxing to me and besides I was struck by the singer’s voice, it was incredible, just awesome"- said Daniel.
Now Daniel has returned to his homeland, where he will finish his university studies, and then he plans to get a Master's degree in Brussels or in Cairo. He is also thinking about coming back to Russia as a diplomatic officer.

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