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PetrSU International Students (Ulugbek)

1Traditionally every year the Faculty of Philology of PetrSU enrolls foreign students. So, Ulugbek (Ulik) Ikrimov, a student from Tajikistan, came this year to study at the Faculty of Philology having passed a competitive selection in his homeland. Ulik didn’t have any difficulties passing a test as he had been studying Russian as a foreign language for three years at school. As the student himself notes, such qualities as diligence, studiousness and patience helped him reach a high level of proficiency in the Russian language.
The young man has quickly adapted to the life in Petrozavodsk. He mastered culinary art and living in a dormitory which taught him to be more self-dependent. He also worked as a volunteer in an indigenous northern sport event – sled dog race. This last activity has grown into passion, which might have even become the reason for Ulik to stay in Karelia.
The climate in Karelia differs from the climate in Tajikistan, and consequently the mentality, habits, way of life, traditions do, and Ulik couldn’t help noticing that. Most of all he was amused by the fact that the Russians rarely smile and laugh, as well as our habit of greeting each other just once in a day, whereas in his country it’s a tradition to greet somebody every time you meet him, even if it happens several times throughout the day. In this manner citizens of sunny Tajikistan show their respect and esteem to the people.
Now Ulik is busy with studying for the examinations and gives advice to all students not to worry as he believes that if you have been learning the material during the year, the exams will be passed successfully.

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