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1The students from Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Finland, who are studying Russian, made a journey to the cradle of the Karelian civilization. The journey took place in the Archaeological Museum of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Svetlana Ivanovna Kochurkina, DSc, the head of the Museum, was their guide to this mysterious world.
Svetlana told the students about the time when the settlement had began in the Karelian land. She answered the questions like “Who were ancient people?”, “What was their occupation?”, “What they left behind?” There was a special conversation about the Middle Ages in Karelia: town-building, everyday life, relations with the Novgorod Republic and the neighbouring countries. Svetlana Ivanovna, who had participated in digging of dead villages and cities, showed the photos of diggings and interesting archaeological finds which were really unique and unequalled.
The chat on career development in archaeology attracted the students’ interest, too. After the excursion the students admitted that it was very interesting not only to attend the Museum but also to communicate with the expert. The whole conversation was in the Russian Language.

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