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ERASMUS students in Petrozavodsk!

ERASMUS students at PetrSU, autumn 2012Whether from advertisement, or lectures, or life experience many people know about Erasmus Mundus program. Originated in Europe, this program had appeared to be one of the most popular and global educational projects. Erasmus Mundus aim is to enhance quality in higher education through scholarships and academic co-operation between Europe and other world countries. Petrozavodsk State University is not an exception. Recently we accepted two Erasmus students: Eva Hejnisova from Masaryk University, Czech Republic and Kirsti Ranta from the University of Turku, Finland.

Eva chose Petrozavodsk because she wants to speak Russian fluently. As long as she has already been to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Petrozavodsk was of more interest. She will study here at the Faculty of Philology. In high school in Prague Eva studied Russian because there were three options: Russian, Spanish and French. For her Russian was easier and more alluring than the other two. Also, Czech Republic has lately done more contracts with Russia than before. Eva is going to stay here till summer 2013. Then she will do Master’s degree in Czech and then travel around the world.

Kirsti wanted to live into a Russian family and see the beautiful Onega Lake. In Finland she studied business law, and for her it’s attracting to attend Faculty of Law and Russian classes here. Kirsti: “There’s a lot of Russians in Finland. Many come for holidays and some live there. So, more and more people in Finland speak only Russian. This is why the knowledge of this language is good for my future. I hope it will help me get a good job. I am surprised that Russians have been very friendly to me. My classmates have been nice and helpful to me. They showed me the way to where I would study and then showed me around the city. I’m very thankful to them.”

Good luck, girls! Have a nice time in Petro!

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