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Some differences between Russia and Germany

Thomas Gros is a student of NEOU PetrSU. He came to Petrozavodsk from Kaiserslautern (South West of Germany, 100 km from Frankfurt-on-Maine). In Germany he works as a construction supervisor - he checks if the construction is finished in time. During the years of his work he visited such countries as Hungary, Czech Republic and Serbia.
Now he is in Russia as a student and his main aim is to learn the Russian language. Thomas needs Russian mostly for his work. After the year of studying he is going to have a project in  the Republic of Georgia. He has chosen Petrozavodsk as a place of studies because the price is rather low in comparison with universities in St. Petersburg and Moscow. And the other reason in favor of Petrozavodsk is that a person with pets is welcome here. Thomas has a dog with him and it was difficult to find an appropriate variant because almost all the universities refused to work with such a problem student.
Thomas noticed that Petrozavodsk as compared with German cities is rather big. Cities are not so big there and in Germany they call it city if it has 100 000 people but Petrozavodsk has 260 000 people. So, it is much bigger than typical German city. And what is interesting that in comparison with Petrozavodsk German cities are dead. In Germany streets are always empty and there are not so many young people. But in Petrozavodsk there are many people in the streets and most part of them is young. And it is also pleasant for people, who like winter as Thomas do. He likes North more than South and he really enjoys our weather.
Thomas has already spent about two months in Russia. Firstly it was rather difficult to live here because he didn’t know the Russian language. But it was surprising that many people here speak English, especially young people. It was surprising because when Thomas visited Volgograd four years ago no one spoke English there. So, it was not so difficult to adapt to life in Petrozavodsk. There are many interesting things, for example, travelling by trolleybus.
Thomas said that his study in Petrozavodsk would be useful for his work because in Germany many workers speak Russian and it’s good to know what they are speaking about. Learning the Russian language is rather difficult because it totally differs from the German language. But he is sure he will get it. For all foreign students Thomas advises to be relaxed.

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