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A Student from Norway Experiences Russia

Ingvild came to Northern European Open University of Petrozavodsk State University two weeks ago from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Though Ingvild is interested in Management and Economy but she also considers that learning foreign languages is very interesting and important nowadays. Ingvild speaks Norwegian, English and French. One day she realized that she wants to learn a new language, which is completely different from those she knows. So Ingvild took a short Russian language course in Norway and  decided to go to Russia.

But why did Ingvild choose Petrozavodsk? Answering to this question she says, “First of all the pictures of the city were nice and I liked that Petrozavodsk is not too big. Moreover the city is not so far from my country which also means that the climate is pretty similar. So I think this is the best choice for me”.

Ingvild lives in a host family. Of course this is one of the best ways to learn more about the Russians and the Russian culture. “I like living with my host family. All members are very friendly and hospitable. But also living with them is pretty challenging because so far it is difficult to understand each other as I don’t speak Russian very well. But somehow we managed to communicate and that’s great! I appreciate their patience during these moments. And I face these difficulties in understanding not only with my host family. One time I went to library I had to use the Google-translator while talking with the woman who worked there” – she says.

Ingvild Nysaether Ingvild Nysaether Ingvild Nysaether

Of course 2 weeks is not enough to feel the spirit of a new country but usually people can form the first impression about the culture and notice how it is different from theirs. And Ingvild is not an exception. “I like the way Russian people talk. The intonation is very interesting and they use body language a lot. Also I should say that I didn’t notice that people in Russia drink a lot of alcohol as people used to say. But I can agree that Russians drink a lot of tea. I personally think that the reason is the low quality of water, so they always have to boil it. And I can’t deny the fact that Russian girls are very pretty and elegant”. What’s more, according to Ingvild’s words Russian television has not that much censorship as they have in Norway. She was quite surprised watching the faces of those who committed crimes on the news program.

Ingvild is going to stay in our city till May. Certainly she will have a lot of new impressions later on; she is planning to visit other cities like Moscow, St Petersburg and Murmansk. But Ingvild is already planning to come back to spend summer holidays here, in Petrozavodsk. Then she is going to France and if there is a chance Ingvild will spend one semester of the next year in one of the universities in St Petersburg.

So let’s wish Ingvild best luck and hope that staying at NEOU PetrSU will have only good impressions on her and other students from abroad!!!

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