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Counter to Frost

On Saturday, February, 20th, there was – 31 degrees Celsius in Petrozavodsk. But the students from South Korea, Sweden, Finland, the UK and even warm Italy were not afraid of frost and have made an educational excursion to the Karelian state museum of regional history. 
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The museum is located in the oldest stone building of Petrozavodsk. Subject: «Karelia: the world of humans and the world of animals». From the story of the historian Michael Dankov the students have learnt about the most interesting history of settling of the Russian northwest that began thousand years ago. Details of Karelian people’s life and culture were new information for them. Skis, skates and children's toys of the XIX century have caused special interest.
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Then the students with the teacher have made a small rush to another building of the museum where animals and birds of Karelia were displayed. With bated breath, they listened to the story of the teacher about the life and habits of the Russian bear - the most favorite but the most dangerous animal on the Russian north.

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