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Special Summer Programme

The programme is especially designed for those interested in Economical Science in Karelia.
The Programme is the result of cooperation between Institute of International Programs of PetrSU and Institute of Economics under the Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Programme consists of two parts:

  1. Survival Russian
  2. Special course on Economics, including:
  • Euregio as a Tool for Civil Society: Euregio Karelia - a New Geopolitical Space for Interaction
  • Tourism Development in Karelia
  • International Cooperation in the Republic of Karelia: CBC
  • Building Complex, Its State and Perspectives in Karelia
  • Transport System State in the Republic of Karelia and Transport Complex in North-West Russia
  • Ecology and Environmental Issues in Karelia
  • Petrozavodsk as the Cultural, Research and Educational Center of North-West Russia
  • Europe Without Borders: European Integration and Spatial Policy
  • Rural Development in Karelia: Village
  • Education in North-West Russia: Mobility and Training. Adult Learning
  • Karelia - Periphery or Center?
  • Food Industry in the Republic of Karelia
  • Youth in Modern Russia: Life Near Borders
  • New Forms of Interaction Through the Finnish-Russian Border
  • Relations Between the Government, Private Owners and Civil Society in Russia
  • Intercultural Communication and the Sister-cities of Petrozavodsk
  • Future of Cross-border Cooperation: Finland and Russia
  • Partnership Network Building in Karelia
  • Economics and Business Life in Karelia

After completing the courses students get two certificates:

  1. Russian language course certificate of Northern European Open University of PetrSU
  2. Special course certificate of Institute of Economics of Karelian Research Centre under the Russian Academy of Sciences

Within the limits of the programme students can do their research work on the basis of the Karelian Institute of Economics.

The following programmes were especially created for students interested in studying different aspects of Karelian society. All the programmes were created by professors of Petrozavodsk State University and Northern European Open University. 

Russian Government System and Politics.
The course objectives and content: introduction of the present day Russian politics and aspects of the political development in contemporary Russia. The following issues will be discussed: the current level of achievements in the sphere of democratic governance in Russia, the latest political shifts in Russia and perspectives of the democracy-building. The main object of the course is to give an alternative point of view on the situation in political sphere.The course is in English.

Business in Russia.
The course objective and content. The course introduces cross cultural aspect of doing business in Russia. The following issues would be discussed: marketing in the context of Russian reality, business environment, strategic management in Russian companies, decision making process in Russian companies, Russian human resource management, legal issues of working in Russia,and organisational and legal structure of Russian companies.The course is in English.

Ethnic Relations: Karelia - Region of Tolerance.
The main objective of the course is to present ethnic minorities of the Republic of Karelia. Special attention is given to local groups – Karelians, Veps, and Finns. Lectures on local history will make you aware of Karelian minorities and (its) their relations with the local government. You will have a unique possibility to meet with Karelian “first nations” and representatives of national cultural centres. Within the limits of the program you will participate in the activities dedicated to the question of tolerance organized by the Interuniversity Club of Intercultural Communication. The course is in English.

How does Contemporary Russia Live? Modern Russian Family and Its Problems.
The course is in English.

Religion in Russia: Orthodox Church.
Within the course following issues will be considered: history of the Russian Orthodox Church from the early period till modern times, reforms of Patriarch Nikon and the Russian Church after the reforms. Special attention is given to the fate of the Church during the Communist era and contemporary period. Within the framework of the program you will visit Solovetsky Monastery – one of the biggest monasteries in the North of Russia founded in the fifteenth century You will also discover Kizhi Island famous for its churches. It is the Russian wooden architecture jewel under the auspices of UNESCO The course is in English.

History of Karelia.
The course is in English.

Communist Era in Russia.
The course introduces a many-sided review of the communist time in Russia from the position of ordinary people. The following issues will be discussed: social structure of the Russian society,family life, repressions and their influence on the society, culture in Soviet Union, ideological curtain, the soviet view of other countries, values, behavior and opinions of the soviet people.The course is in English.

Russian cinema: Soviet and Contemporary Period.
The course focuses on the development of film industry in Russia. The following issues will be covered: the history of Russian film industry; famous actors and directors; the specific features of Russian cinema; its achievements and problems. The course includes study visits to local TV companies. The participants will be able to see Russian movies of different genres and periods. The course is in English.

Gender Studies in Karelia.
The course is especially designed for those interested in studying gender questions in Karelia. The lectures give essential knowledge on basic gender terms and notions; during various seminars you will be able to share your ideas with your group members. You will get the idea how the Gender Studies Centre of PetrSU works while visiting the centre and meeting its active members. A special discussion forum with the representatives of Karelian NGOs will be held which will enable participants to develop a broad overview of contemporary gender issues in Karelia. The course is in English.

Russian Archives.
The course is in English.

Information Technologies (IT) in Karelia.
The course is in English.

Applied Arts.
The course is in English.

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