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Courses on Industrial and Civil Engineering

1) Special Features of Russian Building Stock

2) Wooden Architecture in Karelia

3) Kizhi Ensemble - a Unique Monument of Wooden Architecture

4) Restoration and Renovation of Kizhi Monument in Karelia

5) Groundwater of Karelia. Karelian Ground Water Quality. Use of Ground Water in Karelia

6) Wastewater Treatment of Communities and Industry in Russia and Karelia

7) Handling, Utilization and Final Displacement of Waste Water Sludge in Russia and Karelia

8) Water and Wastewater Systems of Karelia. Water and Wastewater Treatment in Russia and Karelia. Waterworks of Petrozavodsk

9) Water and Wastewater Treatment

Title: Water and Wastewater Treatment (7, 5 ECTS)
Responsible person: Maria Zaitseva (Lecturer) 
To familiarize the student with the unit operations of water and wastewater treatment used in communities and industry
Content description:
Water and wastewater systems of Karelia. Water and wastewater treatment in Russia and Karelia. Waterworks of Petrozavodsk. Biological, chemical and mechanical treatment methods, design practice and control of water and wastewater treatment. Handling, utilization and final displacement of waste water sludge. Wastewater treatment of communities and industry.

10) Introduction to the Environmental and Socio-economical Issues of the Barents Region

Title: Introduction to the Environmental and Socio-economical Issues of the Barents Region (2 ECTS)
Responsible person: Maria Zaitseva (Lecturer)
To provide an introduction to the Karelia, including history and culture, and clarify the main environmental and socio-economic incentives to the need of the Barents environmental engineering programme
Content description:
Introduction to the environmental profile of the Karelia, industry and infrastructure, people and cultures. Presentation of the Petrozavodsk state university. History of the international cooperation between PetrSU and the areas along the coast of the Barents Sea.

11) Governmental Structure in Russia. Russian Federalism. Regional and Local Public Administration

12) Budgeting in Russia. Taxes

13) Economy of Karelia. Structure, Problems, Strategy

14) Crisis in Russia and Karelia. Main Effects and Forecasts

15) Business in Russia (Karelia). Problems and Main Trends

16) Civil Construction Market in Russia and Karelia

17) Development of Tourism in Karelia

18) Transport and Infrastructure in Karelia. Main Transit Routes and Transport Nodal Point

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