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Business Course: Doing Business with Russian Companies

This course empowers to navigate the cultural and political complexities of modern Russia. It provides both students and business people with practical, complete and up-to-date information on how to do business in Russia and offers valuable insight into the Russian economy and business climate, its tax, legal, accounting system and labour relations. You’ll acquire proven strategies and techniques for developing successful partnership, handling cultural differences, identifying new markets and more. Language of instruction – English or Russian

Integrated practical training research programme - seminars, lectures, round table discussions, company visits

Content of the programme:

Russian Culture: Religion, Language, Beliefs and Customs
Russian Language:
Status, Geographic Distribution, History, Relative Languages, Dialects and Derived Languages, Cyrillic Alphabet, Modern Russian Alphabet. Practicum: Russian Around Us (phrases for making contact, for greeting and leaving, some rules of reading Russian transcriptions for orientation in the city)
Russian Culture: Ethnic Structure of Russian Population, Religions in Russia, Christianization of Russia, Orthodox Traditions, Official and Folk Calendar, Traditions of Celebrations. Practicum: Russian beliefs, folk sings and manners of behaviour

Business English:
People and Companies (Types of Companies, Business Sector, Running Your Own Business, Company Performance, Business Environment in Russia, Financial Crisis in Russia), Company Results (Finance, Trends and Results, Fashion Retailer, Internet Retailer, Company Performance), Motivation (Motivation Factors, Motivations at Work, Dissatisfaction with the Job)

Russian Law System:
Legal System of the Russian Federation, Constitutional Status of a Person and a Citizen, System of Governmental Bodies in the Russian Federation, Russia as a Federation, Municipal Law, Business Law

Historical and Political Overview of Russia:
In the framework of the course “Crucial Issues of Russian Political History from the early XXth century up to the present time”
Perestroika (Gorbachov’s Coming to Power, Search for a New Economic Model, Economic Models of the late 1980s-early 1990s,
Reform of the Political System, Building Multiparty System, Disintegration of the USSR and Formation of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Post-Soviet Russia (Political and Economic Development of Russia in 1991-1995, Ethnic and Political Situation in Karelia in 1993-1994),
The Issues of Federalism in Russia (Historical Roots of Federalism in Russia, Federative Treaty of the Russian Federation of 1992, Problems of Units in Federation, Federalism as the Principle of State and the Method of State Government), Putin’s Reforms (Creation of New Federal Districts, New Principles of Formation of the Federal Council of RF Federal Assembly, Third Part of Vladimir Putin’s Reform: Establishment of State Council).

Economic Overview of Russia:
programme of Transition from Soviet to Market - Based Economy, Crisis of 1998, Leading Sectors of the Economy, Foreign Trade, Economic Rebound Starting 1999, Global Crisis of 2009, Investment Overview, Parameters of the RF Federal Budget, Financing of the RF Federal Budget, Foreign Trade of Russia
• Russian Business Cultural Values and Attitudes in the Workplace:
Russian Stereotypes, Traditions and Mentality, Significant Modern Motives of Russians, Formation of Russian Values, Russian Basic Cultural Values, Russian Culture Traits and Values, Some Basic Concepts which define Russian Mentality, Values of Modern Russian Society, Russian Business Culture, Structure and Hierarchy in Russian Companies, Russian Teams, Gender Aspects, In-company Relations in Russia, Attitudes at Working Place, Russian Dress Code, Russian Meetings, Attitude Towards Foreign Partners, Working in Russia
• Russian Business Communication and Negotiation Styles:
Structure of Communicational Environment, Russian Business Communication, Communication in Foreign Languages, Negotiation as a Universal Process, Strategies of Negotiation, Methods and Tactics, Red, Blue and Purple Attitudes
• Management and Working Styles for Doing Business in Russia:
Russia’s Customs Policy, Currency Regulation of Operations Carried out by Russian Legal Entities, Currency Regulation of Operations Carried Out by Foreign Legal Entities, Management of a Foreign Company Intending to Cooperate with a Russian Company, Starting Up a Business in Russia – Establishment of a Russian Legal Entity, Starting Up a Business in Russia – Establishment of a Foreign Legal Entity, Tax System and Administration
• Marketing in Russia:
Logic of the Statement of the Material, Information Sources, Base Definitions, Institutional Bases of Marketing in Russia, History of Development of Marketing in Russia (the beginning of 1990th, a stage of becoming: 1991 – 1998, a stage institutionalization of marketing: 1999 – 2007), Features of Marketing in Modern Russia (product, price, place, promotion, political power, public opinion, 7Р – people), Marketing in Russia and the World(global) Economic Crisis

Teachers and experts:
Mrs. Marina Khazova, Senior Lecturer of PetrSU
Mrs. Natalia Dmitrieva, ESL Master’s USA, Senior Lecturer of PetrSU
Mr. Aleksandr Larichev, PhD in Law, Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Law of PetrSU)
Mr. Sergei Verigin, PhD in History, Dean of the Faculty of History of PetrSU
Mrs. Ilona Kosheleva, Lecturer of PetrSU, Deputy Head of HR management of a private enterprise
Mrs. Elisaveta Druzhinina, Head Specialist of the Development Department (PetrSU)
Mr. Nikolay Levkin, PhD in Economics, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics of PetrSU

Cultural programme:
• tour around Petrozavodsk - the capital of Karelia founded in 1703 by Peter the Great (2 hours)
• trip to Kizhi Island in the Onega Lake – the open-air museum of wooden architecture (Kizhi is enlisted in the UNESCO's World Heritage List).
• cultural tour to the first Russian Spa “Martial waters” and to the waterfall "Kivach".
• visiting city Sortavala and the Valaam Monastery in the Ladoga Lake.

Cost of the programme:
The cost of the programme depends on the number of students in a group.

Guest family: a separate room, access to all facilities (kitchen, bathroom, TV set, refrigerator, telephone, etc.), bedroom clothing. The cost excl. food is 9000 RUB (about 225 EUR) per month / incl. food is 12000 RUB (about 300 EUR / with breakfasts) per month, 16000 RUB (about 400 EUR / with breakfasts and dinners) per month.
Duration of the programme: 4 weeks (60 academic hours)

Institute of International Programs
Office 401, Anokhina str., 20,
Petrozavodsk, 185910, Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation
tel: +7(8142) 71-10-89;
fax: + 7(8142) 71-96-14


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