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Summer University 2016
Natasha HouseSummer University of the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU proceeds its work. Every week new students from different countries all over the world come to learn Russian language and to immerse themselves in the captivating and bright world of study and leisure.




Russian style evening at Summer University of Linguistic Centre of PetrSU
1The first summer month has already gone, so on the last day of June the international students of the Summer University gathered together to spend a good time during the evening.




Visiting the Kizhi Island and Rubcheila village
5Summer in Petrozavodsk and Karelia is a best time for visiting its famous places of interest. The International students who study Russian language at the Summer University of the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU had a unique chance to visit some of them.




EU Days
8The information seminar devoted to the EU took place on June the 18th at the camp side "Raduga". The event was held within the EU Center in the Barents Region of Russia project, financially supported by Erasmus+ Program of the EU.




International students of PetrSU Summer University about Russia and Karelia
 ChristineThe journalist of Petrozavodsk newspaper Guberniya Daily interviewed the international students who study Russian language at PetrSU Summer University.




The Russian Language Summer University at the Linguistic Center starts its work!
Summer universityThis summer students from France, Finland and Brazil have already become the participants of the Russian Language Summer University organized at the Linguistic Center of PetrSU. It offers its participants a chance to study the Russian language, get acquainted with the Russian culture and history, and see the wooden architecture masterpieces and beautiful landscapes with their own eyes.




Variety of Languages at PetrSU
3Petrozavodsk State University hosted the EU Countries Day.
During the event students, teachers and employees of the university, as well as school children and citizens of Petrozavodsk, could take one or several lessons on the languages of EU countries: Polish, Swedish, French, German, English, Spanish, and Finnish.




100 Strangers in Russia through the Eyes of a Foreigner
Anas Alkatuaa Petrozavodsk State University held the 68th All-Russian (with international participation) scientific conference for students and young scientists. On April 18, Anas Alkatuaa (Dubai, the UAE), a student of the Preparatory Faculty of PetrSU, took part in the session “History of Culture” and presented his project “100 strangers in Russia through the eyes of a foreigner”.




The “Nu, pogodi!” Animated Series are Known Even in Europe
Anna and KaterinaMany people from different countries, the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, France, Norway, Colombia, Australia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Japan, the Republic of Korea, just to name a few, come to Petrozavodsk State University. Some of them come here to study the Russian language; others become the exchange students of PetrSU, who study at our university for one term. Among them are those whose thirst for knowledge is so strong that they decide to stay for a longer period. And so did Anna Grigerova and Katerina Savicka.




The Foreign Student Can Always Get Help from the Fellow Students
1Manisha Azizullah, whose name in Farsi means “benevolent”, “noble”, is a student of the Institute of Medicine. She has come to PetrSU from Afghanistan to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.



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