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2017 at PetrSU Linguistic Centre
1The new 2017 has started at PetrSU Linguistic Centre and it is already a busy time here. Students from Germany, Finland, Brazil, Poland, Sweden, China, Korea and Egypt have come to PetrSU to study Russian, and more students from Australia and Great Britain are about to come. Some students just start to learn the Russian alphabet, when others already analyze literary texts with advanced grammar and vocabulary. Our teachers make sure that each student is busy and gets the best results possible, and our staff is always there to help with all practical arrangements.




New Year evening among PetrSU international students
New Year 1Korean crepes with sea food, pepsi-chicken, Hungarian stew with chicken liver and Russian curd patty Egyptian way – this is just a partial list of dishes, which could be tried at the New Year’s evening in the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU.




Summarizing the year before Christmas
4Many people prefer to stay at home when it is snowy and cold outside, but not the students of PetrSU Linguistic Centre. Every day they come to learn the Russian language and experience Centre’s warm and friendly atmosphere. With the help of our teachers students from China, Korea, Hungary, Egypt, Germany and Scotland tackle the trickiest grammatical rules, learn new vocabulary and utilize it in their everyday life.




Interview of Petter Berglund
A year ago Petter Berglund came to Russia to learn Russian language. He had not learnt Russian in his native country Sweden, but during 8 months of his studies at the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU he has learnt Russian very well. Peter needed to know Russian language to enter the Faculty of Philology of Petrozavodsk State University. Now Petter is a first year student.




International Summer School European Union and Russia cross-border cooperation
7From August the 15th to September the 3rd PetrSU hosted the International Summer School “European Union and Russia – cross-border cooperation”. DAAD fellows from Germany and Austria, as well as PetrSU students from the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences and the Institute of Foreign Languages participated in the school.




Summer University 2016
2Summer university-2016 of the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU has accomplished its work. Students from more than 10 countries came to Petrozavodsk to learn Russian language during three summer months.




PetrSU international students recited poetry of Russian poets
5Certificate delivery ceremony took place at the Summer University of the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU.




Russian language for Swiss Bank
Marek PavlovichWe proceed to introduce you with international students who study at the Summer University of the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU.




Excursion to Periodika for international students.
3Main aims of any teacher are to transfer knowledge to their students and to expand their horizons.




Russian fairy tale festival at PetrSU
9It seems that the university is completely quiet during the summer holidays, but it is not actually so.



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