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International students passed TORFL exam
 Marie LukeshovaEvery year Petrozavodsk State University welcomes exchange students from our partner universities.




International students told about New Year traditions in their countries
 26Pre-New Year event for international students was held at Petrozavodsk State University.




Foreigners come to Petrozavodsk not only to study but also to get acquainted with cultural life of Russia
1On 24th of November an event with a self-explanatory name “Film, Film, Film” took place in the City Showroom where songs and instrumental compositions from Russian and foreign films were performed. Participants of the concert, students and lecturers of Petrozavodsk Musical College named after K. Rautio, chose musical performances by themselves, so melodies from popular Soviet films as well as soundtracks from the recent movies were played.




What is fall?
21“The latter days of fall are often cursed” – a poet said, and it’s hard not to agree with him. Associations that appear in our mind when we hear the word “fall” can be identified with one word – unjoyful. Drizzling rain, low, grey sky, trees that lose their last leaves, cold wind. But why the best and the most poignant poems were written by Russian poets about this extraordinary time of year?




Movie day
Movie dayOn September 27, 2017, students and teachers of PetrSU Linguistic Centre went to the cinema to see the movie “Последний романтик” [The Last Romantic]. The film was chosen for a reason – Ivan Kulnev, movie director from Petrozavodsk, showed a simple love story that unfolds in the familiar places of Petrozavodsk. After watching the movie the students and teachers discussed it in an informal setting.




My Petrozavodsk
8On Friday 18th of August a traditional meeting with international students took place at the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU. Students from Europe, Asia and the USA who have been studying Russian language from one to six months as well as those who just began their studies attended the meeting.




PetrSU freshmen from China
4The group of Chinese students that has been taking Russian classes for several months at PetrSU Linguistic Centre has successfully passed entrance examinations and is now enrolled in Petrozavodsk State University. The students are planning to pursue different degrees – some in tourism and some in education (primary school education). The exams were tough and included Russian and Social Studies, and Lu Xinyue, Tu An, Zhu Lingting and Su Yun didn’t have any trouble passing them after consistent and thorough preparation at the Linguistic Centre.




Picnic for International Students
1On 13 July 2017 students and teachers of PetrSU Linguistic Centre went to have a picnic near Chyortov stul (Chort’s chair) – one of the most famous natural sights of Petrozavodsk. Students shared their impressions with us, some in Russian, some in English




Excursion to Solomennoe
3On the 30th of June the international students, who came to study Russian language at the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU, went for a trip to the region of our town called Solomennoe.




Summer University 2017
2It’s almost July and Summer University 2017 is well under way. Students from Norway, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and other countries came to study Russian during their summer holidays, and even more students are about to come for July and August programs.



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