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7th Summer Course for Students from the University of Birmingham
a group of students, University of BirminghamNEOU PetrSU is pleased to announce the beginning of the 7th intensive Summer Russian Language Course organized for the group of 22 students from our partner University of Birmingham (the UK). The course will last 4 weeks from June, 25th till 20th of July during which a lot of new and interesting events are going to happen in the students’ life.




Adventure Time
group of students from the US Air Force Academy3-week intensive Russian Language Course was held for the group of students from the US Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs) at NEOU PetrSU from May, 28th till June, 15th. This time was enough for young adventurers to plunge swiftly and brightly into Petrozavodsk life.




NEOU PetrSU welcomes the first student from Brazil!
Vitor at the International Department, PetrSUNow we can mark the new point on the world map that shows places and countries from which international students arrive to study Russian at NEOU PetrSU. And this new place is Brazil! Vitor Do Nascimento Pacobahyba came to Petrozavodsk because he was always willing to study Russian in Karelia and see the Kizhi Island. And now his dream came true.




Summer University at NEOU PetrSU Opens its Doors for New Students
Summer University, NEOU PetrSU The Summer University for international students at NEOU PetrSU brightly launched its various Russian language programs and cultural events since the end of May and is supposed to welcome more than one hundred students from different counties during the whole summer. The big group of students from the US Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs) has already finished 3-week intensive course of Russian and the new students from Brasil, the UK, the USA and France have arrived. This summer period is going to become really efficient as a lot of academic and social activities are planned.


Communicative lesson in the open air
Communicative lesson in the open air In one of the sunny May days the teachers of Russian and students from Finland, Sweden, Australia, the USA and England have moved the Russian lesson from Uni classrooms into the open air.




Annual Conference of Foreign Students: Each Work is Fine, Choose Which You Want
at the ConferenceOn the 18th of May the annual conference of foreign students has taken place at NEOU PetrSU. The topic in 2012 - «Each Work is Fine, Choose Which You Want». Students from Finland, the UK, Australia, Sweden, Norway, the USA, Poland and Vietnam prepared reports about different kinds of jobs that attract them or seem to be interesting, about their working experience, about problems with employment and professional realization.




Lets Speak English!
on the meeting «Let’s Speak English!» On the 14th of April the meeting «Let’s Speak English!» was arranged at PetrSU. Graduates of exchange programs, PetrSU students and our international students from the USA, Australia and England participated. The meeting was organized by the "American Corner" and conducted by Irina Ivanovskaya, the teacher of Chair of Germanic philology, who used all her creativity in helping students to communicate with each other and discuss many topics in relaxing atmosphere :)




Theatrical March of International Students
Theatrical March of International StudentsEach term educational excursions in various museums of Petrozavodsk are organized for PetrSU international students basically in the frames of lessons on Study of Culture&Region and in addition to lessons on Grammar, Phonetics and Colloquial Practice. This term the THEATRE became the general topic for students from Finland, Sweden, Norway, the USA, the Great Britain, Australia and Vietnam.




Kalevala Day
at the lessonOn February, 28th the Kalevala Day was celebrated in Karelia and in Finland. In connection with this event, the students who arrived to our University under exchange programs from Turku, Joensuu and Oulu had a thematic lesson on conversational Russian speech. The students told about the first acquaintance with the legendary epos, prepared monologues about heroes and symbols of "Kalevala", about life and activities of Ellias Lenrot. The lesson was conducted at Art Gallery "Doll's House of Tatiana Kalinina" where the interesting exposition (executed by the artist B.Kudrjavtsev) about Kalevala world was presented.


Demonstration English Lesson at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
demonstration lessonOn February, 28th the demonstration English lesson organised by a principle of a round table has taken place at PetrSU.



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