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Happy Birthday!, trip to Helsinki and smth. more.
autumn semester 2012-2013The autumn semester 2012-2013 is at its height! First months of the academic year were full of events. Our international students plunged into the atmosphere of books, lectures, seminars and library hours and showed their talents in the art of cookery at “National Cuisine Day”. Some adventurers visited St.Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod and even Finnish Helsinki. And for sure among all the days that will stay in memory are Birthdays that some of our international students were lucky to celebrate in Russia.




ERASMUS students in Petrozavodsk!
ERASMUS students at PetrSU, autumn 2012Whether from advertisement, or lectures, or life experience many people know about Erasmus Mundus program. Originated in Europe, this program had appeared to be one of the most popular and global educational projects. Erasmus Mundus aim is to enhance quality in higher education through scholarships and academic co-operation between Europe and other world countries. Petrozavodsk State University is not an exception. Recently we accepted two Erasmus students: Eva Hejnisova from Masaryk University, Czech Republic and Kirsti Ranta from the University of Turku, Finland.




Summer Results
Summer University 2012, NEOU PetrSULet’s sum up the summer results! 83 students were trained at the Summer University for international students at NEOU PetrSU. Here were representatives from 15 countries - Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, the USA, China, Thailand, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and Cyprus. Great!




Summer Classes are in Full Swing
Summer University 2012, NEOU PetrSUClasses for our international students from Sweden, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, the USA, China, Vietnam and Thailand continue at the Summer University NEOU (Northern European Open University). Each student has his own motivation to study here but what they have in common is the genuine interest to the Russian culture, Russian language and a wish to improve Russian language skills.




Hand-made Karelian Souvenirs
at the Center of Traditional CraftsOur international students got the unique chance to make a souvenir by hand thanks to the participation in the Master Class at the Center of Traditional Crafts. During one hour and under the guidance of the real master each student made a nice doll-talisman from the Karelian fabric.




Students from Italy have arrived in PetrSU
a group of students from the University of Bari, ItalyAnother group of international students has come to the Summer University at NEOU. These young people from the University of Bari (Italy) are going to spend more than three weeks in Petrozavodsk. These three weeks will be filled with studies and in addition students will discover the history and culture of our Northern region.




Time of High Results
a group of students, University of BirminghamOn July, 19th at the Summer University NEOU PetrSU the group of students from the University of Birmingham (the UK) were presented with certificates of the course completion. Here is the month end, the month of fascinating travel, discovery, bright impressions and new records.




Weekends in Petro
Summer University, NEOU PetrSUInternational students of the Summer University study diligent from Monday till Friday, and try to spend weekends actively on the Karelian nature.




Students Visited the Kizhi State Open-Air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography
on the Kizhi IslandEach tourist while being in Karelia doesn’t miss the opportunity to buy the round ticket and have the 5hour relaxing trip in the green “Kometa” on sunlit Onega lake to Kizhi and back. This Sunday just this island became the new destination in the cultural program of our Birmingham students. 2hour excursion with English-speaking guide Aleksey and 1 hour of free time on the island were enough to feel the historic atmosphere of the place.




Summer International Cultural Life in Petro
at the PhilharmoniaThis summer the cultural life in Petrozavodsk is not going to stop and our students have possibility to visit concerts and festivals. On 28th of June students from the UK, Sweden, the USA and Finland visited the unique performance of the Symphony Orchestra of the Karelian-Finnish State Philharmonic (or the Philharmonia).



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