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My Petrozavodsk
8On Friday 18th of August a traditional meeting with international students took place at the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU. Students from Europe, Asia and the USA who have been studying Russian language from one to six months as well as those who just began their studies attended the meeting.




PetrSU freshmen from China
4The group of Chinese students that has been taking Russian classes for several months at PetrSU Linguistic Centre has successfully passed entrance examinations and is now enrolled in Petrozavodsk State University. The students are planning to pursue different degrees – some in tourism and some in education (primary school education). The exams were tough and included Russian and Social Studies, and Lu Xinyue, Tu An, Zhu Lingting and Su Yun didn’t have any trouble passing them after consistent and thorough preparation at the Linguistic Centre.




Picnic for International Students
1On 13 July 2017 students and teachers of PetrSU Linguistic Centre went to have a picnic near Chyortov stul (Chort’s chair) – one of the most famous natural sights of Petrozavodsk. Students shared their impressions with us, some in Russian, some in English




Excursion to Solomennoe
3On the 30th of June the international students, who came to study Russian language at the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU, went for a trip to the region of our town called Solomennoe.




Summer University 2017
2It’s almost July and Summer University 2017 is well under way. Students from Norway, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and other countries came to study Russian during their summer holidays, and even more students are about to come for July and August programs.




Let’s speak Russian!
9It is the middle of April on the calendar and a February snow storm outside, but in the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU it is warm of the smiles of students who gathered for a traditional spring meeting for international Russian language students.




Students from China
1A group of international students from “Shanghai XUANJING New Education and Training Co., Ltd.,” China, has come to the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU to study Russian language. Over the course the students are going to work hard on Russian grammar, phonetics, and conversational skills, as well as discover the history and culture of Russia and meet new friends. We wish them only good luck and success in studying Russian and using their knowledge in their professional and everyday life!




Delegation from Chinese province Fujian visited Petrozavodsk State University
1Anatoly Voronin, rector of PetrSU, met with delegation from Chinese province Fujian. The meeting took place at PetrSU Innovation and Technology Park (IT-Park of PetrSU).




2017 at PetrSU Linguistic Centre
1The new 2017 has started at PetrSU Linguistic Centre and it is already a busy time here. Students from Germany, Finland, Brazil, Poland, Sweden, China, Korea and Egypt have come to PetrSU to study Russian, and more students from Australia and Great Britain are about to come. Some students just start to learn the Russian alphabet, when others already analyze literary texts with advanced grammar and vocabulary. Our teachers make sure that each student is busy and gets the best results possible, and our staff is always there to help with all practical arrangements.




New Year evening among PetrSU international students
New Year 1Korean crepes with sea food, pepsi-chicken, Hungarian stew with chicken liver and Russian curd patty Egyptian way – this is just a partial list of dishes, which could be tried at the New Year’s evening in the Linguistic Centre of PetrSU.



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