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The European Union Days
1The foreign students studying at PetrSU took part in the “The EU Days”. The event took place in the open air at “Urozero” camp site where the students, teachers and personnel of PetrSU got involved with interactive journey game “Map of Europe: Musical, Historical, Natural, Language and Cultural”.




International Summer School ôSovereignty in Barents Euro-Arctic Regionö in PetrSU
International Summer School The school is organized in the framework of project “Establishing of the EU Center in the Barents region of Russia” with financial support from EU. More than 40 persons participate in it. The Russian representatives are from Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg and foreign representatives are from Finland, France, the USA, Hungary, Slovenia and Canada.
Kulikovskaya L.Y., director of the Institute of International Programs of PetrSU, the head of the Center of EU in Barents Euro-Arctic region Lassi Heininen, the Arctic politics professor of the University of Lapland, and Tepani Kaakkuriniemi, head of the educational programs of Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki, made an opening speech to welcome the participants.




European Night of Museums
European Night of MuseumsThe Xth “European Night of Museums” took place in Petrozavodsk on the night of the 17th-18th of May, 2014. Not less than seven cultural venues of Petrozavodsk presented to citizens unforgettable emotions and experience from 15.00 till 01.00. This event turned night city into hectic cultural life center.




Interuniversity Workshop ôLocal and Microhistorical Researchö with International Participation
Interuniversity WorkshopThe workshop “Local and Microhistorical Research”, which was organized by the Investigative Laboratory for Local and Microhistory of Karelia (ILLMiK) for the first time in 2006, took place yet again on the 23d of April. As before not only reporters from PetrSU became the participants of the workshop but the students from Faculty of History of Tver State University and the students of the University of Eastern Finland as well. The Finnish students have been participating in the workshop since 2007. Jukka Korpela, the director of the Institute of Geography and History of the University of Eastern Finland, Dr. h.c. of PetrSU, and Professor Kimmo Katajala took part in the workshop as experts.




International Students of PetrSU are in the Jury of the Studentsĺ Scientific Conference French Language Workshop
1On the 26th of April, 2014, the meeting of the French Language Workshop “Un Tour de France des Villes” took place in the framework of the 66th All-Russian Students and Young Scientists’ Conference with International Participation. The students presented the results of their research on the regional capital cities of France, their history and cultural and educational traditions in the French language. Our foreign students Clara Chazemartin (France) and Xavier Martel (Canada) participated in the workshop as the chairmen of the jury.




Russian and French Evening
Russian and French EveningFor two weeks the French lyceum students from La Rochelle were being introduced to the Russian way of life, were studying the Russian language and traditions. During two weeks they visited museums of the capital of the Republic, such as the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia, House of Dolls, Creative Center “Little Country”, took master classes on the Russian folk dances.




International Business School ôLearning by Doingö
Learning by doingThe International business school took place in the Students’ Business-Incubator of PetrSU under the slogan “Learning by Doing”. The main peculiarity of the school was that all the classes were held in English and the foreign students of our university participated in it.




Spring is Everywhere
springWinter time is officially over in Petrozavodsk. We decided to ask our international student what they are going to do in spring.




The 66th All-Russian Students and Young ScientistsĺScientific Conference with International Participation is on!
PetrSU From the 14th till the 30th of April 2014 the 66th All-Russian Students and Young Scientists’Scientific Conference with international participation starts at Petrozavodsk State University.




PetrSU International Students (Eric)
EricEric Gustav Engberg came to Petrozavodsk State University to continue learning the Russian language which he has been interested in since childhood. “I fell in love with the Russian culture and language when I came here for the first time to the international summer camp together with the Russian children. This way I started getting to know your country: through learning Russian, reading, for instance, Pushkin’s fairytales, but still they were in Swedish. Later, in upper secondary school, I got the opportunity to learn Russian and I took this opportunity without a moment hesitation.” – recalls Eric.



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