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Discovering Australia with Alexandra France
2During English language class the students of the 1st year of study for the Bachelor’s degree in social work had an opportunity to meet a wonderful girl –Alexandra France, a student of the University of Melbourne. Together with the teacher Ekaterina Vasilieva she carried out a lesson dedicated to Australia. This meeting was very significant for our students: as it turned out we knew very little of the country taking up a whole continent!




Karelia is a Place of Breath-Taking Natural Phenomena
3This year the international students studying at PetrSU were really lucky to see with their own eyes and together with all Petrozavodsk and Karelia citizens two great natural phenomena – the aurora borealis and the solar eclipse.




Learning Russian is Future-Proof
Chu JingruThere is a student in PetrSU who bears two names. One of them means ‘you are talented’, the other stands for ‘healthy, strong’. Why did this girl come to our city? What surprised her in the Russian students’ life? Chu Jingru, with her second Russian name Valentina, who pursues a Master’s Degree in philology, answers these questions.




A Guest from Colombia Visits International Relations Students English Lecture
1Quite a considerable number of foreign exchange students visit Petrozavodsk State University every year. The Russian language is quite popular abroad, as a result, there are always people who would like to study it. It is wonderful that foreign students are always welcome at PetrSU!




PetrSU first exchange student from Uzbekistan
Jobir“I have never spoken Russian for so long” – says Jobir Nematullaev, an exchange student of the Institute of Forest, Engineering and Building sciences after an hour-long interview.
During this time he told us about his “interaction” with Russian and how he feels about living in a dormitory, about his future plans and the ways of spending free time. Have a look at our article to get the details.




Lets Get Acquainted!
1In February over 20 exchange and full-time students arrived to Petrozavodsk to study in PetrSU for a spring semester or a full year. They came from Finland, Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Germany and Turkmenistan to study at the faculties of Law, Agriculture and Philology, in the Institute of Medicine and in the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences. Last week it was decided to gather all foreign students together to get them acquainted with each other and to learn about some Russian traditions as it was the Maslenitsa week here.




A Student and a Teacher from Norway
EinarOne of the most effective ways of learning a foreign language is communication with the native speakers. The students of the Faculty of Philology have one more opportunity to do it. In the second semester this year Einar Moe is teaching them Norwegian.




Meeting a Russian Cosmonaut
4On February 06, the international students of PetrSU along with PetrSU students and teaching staff, the city citizens and the representatives of the mass media, had a unique opportunity to meet a Russian cosmonaut Sergey Krikalev who came to Petrozavodsk for the first time on invitation of the Governor of the Republic of Karelia Aleksandr Khudilainen.




A Sunny Day in Snowy Petrozavodsk
2Last week we welcomed new exchange and full-time students from Finland, Turkmenistan and the Czech Republic. They came to PetrSU to study at the Faculty of Philology, the Agricultural Faculty, the Institute of Foreign History, Political and Social Sciences and the Institute of Medicine.




The Students from Jordan are Increasing their Knowledge of Russia
1On the 29th of January, a group of the students from Jordan attended an English lesson in Petrozavodsk College of Music named after K.E. Rautio. This interactive lesson was taught by the teacher Liudmila Chinenova.



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