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I Want to Take the Atmosphere of this Town back Home (Kristina)
1“A year ago when I had just started studying Russian I felt as if I was in the first grade. This is because I had to study the alphabet and to learn to read again. At first I studied letters and spelled the words but managed it all very slowly,” – recollects Kristina Pankova who has been studying at the faculty of Philology for the whole autumn semester.




Open University Lectures
1This fall the Open University of PetrSU invites everyone to attend the video courses and lectures devoted to world culture and local history. It is a great opportunity for the foreign students of PetrSU to learn more about the country and the republic where they are currently living and studying at.




From Halifax to Petrozavodsk for the Karelian Language
LloydCanadian student Richard Lloyd Christoph Morin is a participant of the Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Program FIRST. He is getting a Master’s degree at the University of Joensuu. He came to Karelia and Petrozavodsk State University to collect the materials for his research on the reasons for studying Karelian in Karelia and Finland.




Studying Never Stops!
3PetrSU international students don’t even lose a weekend to learn something new and to get acquainted with new people and places. And the work in the Student Business Incubator of PetrSU goes on day and night and doesn’t stop at weekends, too! All the participants of the international business school “Leadership in Business” could make sure of it on October, 4-5.




Getting Acquainted with Petrozavodsk
1On sunny Saturday, October 4th, PetrSU foreign students and the teacher from Poland who teach Polish at PetrSU attended the free excursion organized by the National Library of Karelia “Read Streets like Books”.




Theatre Evening
6On September 25, PetrSU Public Student Theatre named after Sungurov (“TIS”) started the new theatrical season. The theatre amateurs could see that night the fragments of the play by A.N. Ostrovsky, A. Averchenko’s and A. P. Chekhov’s short novels. Aleksandr Shumikhin, the exchange student from the International University of Central Asia, who is currently studying at the Institute of History, Political and Social Studies of PetrSU, shared his impressions.




International students of the Institute of International Programs PetrSU tell about themselves, their country, their university and Classical School of Music
3On September 26, Petrozavodsk Music College named after K. Rautio held International Club’s session on the topic “Let’s get acquainted: Austria”.




Freshmens Day
2This new academic year Petrozavodsk State University welcomes first-year students from Karelian and other Russian cities and towns as well as a great amount of foreign students who started their studies at nearly every faculty and institute of the University. They all had an opportunity to meet each other during the annual Freshmen’s Day held at PetrSU.




Meeting with international students
1Meeting with international students entering PetrSU was held on 18 September at the Institute of International Programs (IIP).




The Only Foreign Country I would Like to Live in is Russia (Adam)
AdamSerbia. “The Russian House” in Belgrade. Year 2012. That was the place and the time where and when Adam Petrovich started to learn the Russian language.
He got his first impressions of Russia in childhood when his mother told him about the biggest country in the world with love and respect. “I guess from that moment I started to feel deep connection of our peoples. Anything Russian is very close to me. I think I am a Russophile” – confesses the young man.



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