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Future Doctor from Ghana
William Akuffo-Addo William Akuffo-Addo is a second year student of the Institute of Medicine of PetrSU. He came to PetrSU from Ghana (West Africa) last September. Young man speaks English fluently, has a good command of the Russian language and knows French. According to the student, he likes living in a small and cozy city with reasonable prices like Petrozavodsk.




Social Work in the USA and Russia
2Students and teachers from the USA have visited Petrozavodsk State University in the framework of the joint project “First Steps for High-Risk Children and Families”. 13 students and teachers from the USA (Duluth, Minnesota) took part in the exchange program between the students and the teachers of the Department of Social Studies and Social Work of PetrSU, the College of St. Scholastica, the University of Minnesota in Duluth and the University of Wisconsin-Superior.




Enjoy the Apple Trees Blossom!
4On June, 6 the citizens of Petrozavodsk could admire the “Apple Trees Blossom” in one of the biggest northern orchard – Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University. Its collection consists of more than 100 apple trees, more than 30 types of trees adapted to cultivation in Karelia.




Because the Letters are Different
UkkoUkko Piesala, the foreign student of PetrSU, has already been to Russia eight times. He has visited Karelia, the capital on the Neva, and Perm. The young man decided to learn Russian so he could freely and easily travel around Russia and communicate with its citizens. He is also planning to use it in his work as, at his time, did his great-grandfather, an entrepreneur and a farmer Viljami Piesala. At the beginning of the 20th century he sold dairy products, mainly butter, from Finland to shops in Saint-Petersburg. The knowledge of the Russian language helped Viljami to forge relationship with customers.




The End of the Year Concert of the Dancing Group Indira
21The study year is approaching the end and the university creative groups are summing up their work. The Choir of the Teachers and Staff of PetrSU and the dancing group “TIMEZ” have already performed their end of the year concerts. Yesterday the members of the studio of Indian dance “Indira” showed the results of their hard work.




About France in the French Language
13In the framework of the 67th All-Russian (with international participation) Academic Conference of the Students and Young Scholars of PetrSU the students presented their research on the outstanding achievements of France in various spheres of economy and industry at the section of the French language “Ces Industries où la France Excelle”. A total of 11 reports were presented, prepares by the Bachelor and Master students of International Relations and the Master students of Law.




He Speaks Russian without an Accent
1PetrSU has won recognition from foreign students long ago. They choose our university and come here to study on exchanges programs and language courses and to receive higher education. In the classrooms and in the library, there are students from the Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, Japan, Germany, Columbia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Finland, Kirgizstan, Jordan, China, Norway, Syria, Ghana, Italy, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, India, Yemen, the United Kingdom. Besides, there are some foreigners who live and study in Russia nearly from their childhood but are still the citizens of other countries, for example, Fam Kuok Than.




PetrSU International Students in the 2015 Friendship of Peoples Cup
2On the 16th and the 17th of May the students of the pre-foundation program at the Institute of International Programs took part in futsal tournament among ethnic and cultural associations. Despite the gloomy weather, the participating teams “Irbid” and “Amman” took the field to compete for the Friendship of Peoples Cup. This year the tournament is dedicated to the 70-year anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.




Schools Visits
2The foreign students coming to study at PetrSU are interested both in higher education and in the educational system in Russia on the whole. That is why several times this academic year they visited Petrozavodsk secondary schools.




An Italian Language Lesson
1In April, our Italian student Ennio Bolzonello, who is learning the Russian language at the Institute of International Program of PetrSU, gave an Italian language lesson to the students of Petrozavodsk Musical College named after K.E. Rautio.



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